Therapy in Owings Mills for People Who Feel

Used, Abused, Neglected, or Rejected

You often feel like an alien in this world. You’ve never really fit in. People make a lot of assumptions about you, but what they don’t know is what it has taken for you to survive this far.

Your voice has been quieted by all of the pain you have been through. You’ve been told you are stupid, crazy, and weird and that your feelings don’t matter. You’ve been mistreated by people who were supposed to care about you. They hurt you physically or emotionally or even in both ways. These experiences left you full of shame and self-blame. They also left you wondering if you can trust anyone.

You try your best to please people because you don’t want anyone else to be upset with you or to reject you. You already feel so alone that you can’t risk another person being upset with you and abandoning you. You also feel that your needs aren’t as important as other peoples’ needs.

I help people who feel like outsiders because of trauma, abuse, bullying, and just not fitting in. I help them discover how to have relationships that are healthy and satisfying. My clients find their voice. They stop putting up with life and start taking their power back.

My approach is creative and out of the box, as well as holistic, which is typically more helpful than traditional talk therapy for those who have never felt that traditional is their thing.

If you are ready to break out of your cocoon and fly into a world you have created and love, contact me for a free 15 minute consultation.

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